Travel: Apricot season at Oman's Wakan Village

Guest Storyteller | Oman | 08.03.2018

In spring, thousands of tourists flock to South Korea and Japan to witness the cherry blossoms bloom. But if you're looking for a more understated location in the heart of Arabia, then look no further than this breathtaking location in Nakhal Goveronate, Oman as it witnesses the apricot blossoms season.



Wakan is a small mountain village located in the south of Al Batinah Region, sitting at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level.The location is an approximate 90-minute or 150 kilometers drive from Muscat, the capital, and can only be accessed via four-wheel vehicles as the roads leading up there can be a bit rough.


But once you're up there, and get to gaze at the pink, delicious fragrant blooms set against the traditional houses, towering palm trees, and mighty mountains in the background, it will definitely be worth the drive, and your social media feed!



February and March are the best times to visit the village and witness the blossoming. In addition to apricots, the locals grow pomegranate, grapes, and date palms.



If you love hiking and trekking then the good news is that this village has a trekking path that links it to Al Jabal Al Akhdar, a mountain that is part of Oman's famous Al Hajer mountain range in Ad Dakhiliyah Goveronate, a popular tourist destination, and a favorite location amongst hikers and mountain climbers.



Most of Wakkan's natives have migrated to Muscat, but still own their farms in the village. The ones who permanently reside there, however, are only two families of farmers, who are very welcoming to visitors.


Adnan Al Balushi is a guest photo storyteller at Sekka. To view more of Adnan’s work or to contact him, visit his page on Instagram



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