Letter from the editors: The Summer 2018 Issue

Manar Alhinai | United Arab Emirates | 01.07.2018

The temperature’s getting higher and the streets are getting emptier, which only means one thing, readers: it’s summertime!


One of the fondest memories we have of summer were the long hours we spent reading under the cool blast of the air conditioner in our grandmother’s house in Bahrain back when we were children.  You see, our grandmother used to store stacks of Arabic magazines in the cupboard below the TV set for us because she once noticed that we enjoyed reading them. Ever since, she made sure she bought every issue of the publications we liked throughout the year so that we would have plenty to read when we stayed over when school was out. By the end of her life, there were literally hundreds of magazines still in store for us!


Whether you’re escaping the heat by jet-setting to cooler places, tanning by the pool, or estivating at home beneath the air conditioner, we’d like to give the same gift that our grandmother gave to us: something engaging to read over the longest holiday of the year.


We searched the region for writers, as well as photographers and artists, to tell you captivating stories, and we’re proud to be introducing some new names and welcoming others back.  One of our newest contributors is the talented Hala Al Abassi, the Bahraini digital artist behind this month’s cover of Sekka. We’re happy to be welcoming back Emirati storyteller, Shahd Thani , who’ll be lighting up our website this month with her heartfelt words once more.


Like many Khaleejis out there, we love big families! So, if you have an interesting story to share in our future issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected], and you can be part of our expanding family at Sekka.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who approached us to contribute to The Summer Issue. We’ve been overwhelmed by all your positive responses and contributions!


Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy what we’ll be unveiling this month!


Much love,


Manar and Sharifah Alhinai



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