Ruwi Souq: A testament of our ever-changing cities

Sekka Editorial | Oman | 22.07.2018

In Muscat, many Omanis refer to Ruwi as ‘Little India’ and we knew why when we visited Ruwi Souq one humid summer night. 


Located in old Muscat, Ruwi is home to a large community of Indian and South Asian expatriate laborers because of the low-cost rent rate. The wider area is also home to Muscat's commercial business districts and is the headquarter of many banks.


With nightfall, Ruwi Souq is decorated with colorful neon signs. The best way to explore it is on foot, even though the summer weather isn't so tempting.



From jewellers to electronics resellers to fabric stores, Ruwi Souq offers many competitive deals, especially for good bargain lovers. What we loved most about it is its narrow alleyways, that lead you to tucked in cafeterias emitting a delicious shawarma scent that tempts you to take a bite, the old metal doors that we don't see as much anymore, and the fact that the area has its unique, urban cultural flare. 



We have always believed that to truly capture the essence of a city you're visiting, you have to explore it on foot. We only spent a couple of hours in Ruwi Souq and could not imagine how not more than 30 years ago, the area where the bustling souq stands today was once a quiet residential village. 


Everything that's there now seems to have been there forever. It taught us to appreciate every moment, for what could be a residential village today, can turn into something completely different tomorrow. Cities keep no promises.



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