May: Letter from the editors

Manar Alhinai | United Arab Emirates | 01.05.2018

May is officially here! While many around the world will be celebrating spring today, here in Arabia it seems that spring has skipped us and that we’re headed straight for an extra hot summer!  But we’re not complaining because in approximately two weeks, our favorite 29 to 30 days of the year will begin, and we can’t contain our excitement!


Yes, you guessed it; we’re referring to the holy month of Ramadan! Depending on the moon sighting, Ramadan is predicted to begin around May 16 this year. To celebrate its arrival, we’ve dedicated the May 2018 Issue of Sekka to discussing everything Ramadan-related, from why women wear kaftans almost exclusively during the holy month to uncovering the history behind the iconic Ramadan tents. We’ll also be exploring some of its traditions in the Arabian Gulf Region, one of which you may never have heard of!


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From the bottom of our hearts, we hope that you love everything we’ll be unrolling over the course of the month.


Happy reading!


Much love,


Manar and Sharifah Alhinai



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