Letter from the editors: The Change Issue

Manar Alhinai | United Arab Emirates | 01.09.2018

Whenever September circles back, we are always reminded of our scary first days of school, the eye-opening first weeks at university, the relief of submitting our master’s dissertations after a summer of hard work and the excitement that came with the knowledge that the world was now our oyster.


Looking back, the two of us have realised that we’ve experienced more significant changes in our lives during this month than in any month of the year, including January. So, we couldn’t think of a better theme to dedicate our September issue to than change!


Change, التغيير , le changement, 変化する,  mabadiliko, değişiklik, el cambio,   تبديلى... call it whatever we may, is probably one of the scariest words in any language. But whether we like it or not, it is the only constant in our lives, which makes it worth closer inspection.


So this month, we’ll be exploring everything change-related, and to ‘change’ things up a bit, we won’t tease you with clues of what we’ll be covering like we usually do. You’ll just have to wait and see.


And to everyone embarking on life-altering journeys this month, we wish you all the best!


Much love,

Manar and Sharifah Alhinai



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