June: Letter from the editors

Manar Alhinai | United Arab Emirates | 01.06.2018

Our dear readers,


As you know, we’re a little more than halfway through Ramadan, which means that in these few remaining weeks of the holy month many of you will be surfing the web and social media in search of where to travel to for the Eid Al Fitr holiday and your summer break. To make your lives a little bit easier, we’ve dedicated the June 2018 Issue of Sekka to discussing everything travel-related.


Couples and small families, we’ll be uncovering the perfect vacation spot for you to relax, unwind, and start the holiday season right. Hint hint: the heavenly spot’s tucked in Africa and it’s only a few short hours away from the Arabian Gulf Region!  


Culture and history enthusiasts, our storyteller, Darah Ghanem, will be revealing why Latin America is on her bucket list and should be on yours too!


If you’re Gulf-stuck, don’t worry; we’ll be unveiling activities you can do across the region to blow off some steam and have fun right at home. We highly doubt you’ll be able to guess one of the activities we’ll be suggesting!


And for all the cynics that believe that travel has no purpose because everywhere is starting to look the same, watch out for the perspective-altering story by our storyteller and Professor of Psychology, Dr. Justin Thomas.


But of course, that’s not all. With us, it never is! You should know this by now. Keeping checking in throughout June to discover the rest of our coverage.


And if you’ve been following us throughout May, chances are you’ve come across our first ever Sekka story in the Arabic language: https://buff.ly/2xx2sbd. It may be the first but it certainly won’t be the last! You’ll be seeing more stories in Arabic from now on, to cater to all Khaleeji tastes.


Much love,

Manar and Sharifah Alhinai



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